Is Drake's 'More Life' Album Finished?

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Here we go again with the Instagram posts from Drake. A recent photo may be a small key to revealing whether or not Drake's upcoming album More Life is finished. It's certainly looking that way from our point of view.

Drake recently posted a photo of him in some extremely dressy attire. However, it isn't the attire that may be a small inkling of a clue into the status of More Life.

For the caption, Drake posted a single finish line flag.

given the time of the year, we're thinking this finish line flag can signal one of two things. Either Drake is referring to the end of 2016 and the flag symbolizes him finishing off another big year.


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Or, the flag could represent the fact that the More Life album is done and could be coming soon. The album was rumored to be coming in December and we literally only have two more days in the month.

It could possible that there is no meaning to the emoji, however, we're thinking that everything drake does on Instagram has some kind of significance, just ask Funkmaster Flex.

So is Drake's More Life coming on New Year's Eve or Day? We'll soon find out.