Drake Mocks 'Loyal' Once Again, New Chris Brown Beef Or Drake vs. Lil Wayne Competition

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While much of the media is aware of Drake mocking the song "Loyal" by Chris Brown they forget that it also features Young Money general Lil Wayne.

Drake mocked the song for a second time while on the "Drake Vs. Lil Wayne" tour while Wayne himself was on the stage.

There are plenty of media speculations that point the finger towards Rihanna, who has been a part of a the love triangle for what seems to be years now.

Judging from the fact that the tour name is Drake Vs. Lil Wayne could it be possible that he is trying to win the tour battle?

The two hip-hop giants have appeared on the majority of Wayne's singles such as "Believe Me" and "Grindin." Friendly competition can never be questioned when it comes to the two.

However, Rihanna attended one of the tours performance and was then spotted at a charity basketball of which Chris Brown was playing in.

Now the dilemma arises as to whether or not Drake is going at Brown or his friendly competition with Wayne.

Check out the mocking of "Loyal"