This Double Dad Fail Video Is Hilarious

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Now, the video you are about to watch below might seem funny to some and others might be offended.

That being said, the acts in the video are so random that this dad had to feel pretty bad after causing his kids a tiny bit of pain.

(Video Below)

A giant soccer ball is all it takes to amuse a bunch of kids on a sunny day right? Well it sounds great until you watch the video below. A father is spending a little time with his boys in the back yard as they roll around a giant soccer ball, in a video that was posted to the "Smile Every Day," YouTube Channel.

They titled the video "Worst Dad Ever," however, we're going to give the guy the benefit of doubt and call the next series of events unfortunate.

As two of the kids roll the ball around the backyard, it's easy to see that it's just about their size. The father wants in on the fun so he gives it a kick shooting it right out from under them and causing them both to fall to the ground. Just when you thought that was the funniest part of the video, it gets even better.

The dad runs around to the ball to lob it up in the air. It sails over one of the kids who are both slowly getting up, then nails the child in the orange dead in the head.

He hits the deck immediately which causes the father to rush over to see if he's okay. You literally have to see this one to believe it.

Check out the "Double Dad Fail" below.