Dolphin Shows A Woman Why You Shouldn't Bring An iPad to SeaWorld

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With all smartphones coming equipped with some of the best cameras ever, it's surprising that some folks would still use larger devices like iPads for photo purposes.

Well, one woman found out that it might be best to use a smartphone instead of an iPad when going to SeaWorld, after a dolphin tried to steal hers.

In the video below a woman is taking a photo of the dolphins who are playfully splashing around and putting on a show for the audience surrounding them. A woman who is pretty close to the tank decides to whip out her iPad and take a photo of the awesome creatures.

Little does she know, one of the dolphins had their eyes on the iPad with a bright pink cover.

The video was posted to the ABC News YouTube Channel and is beginning to go viral. The dolphin lunges forward and manages to get the iPad right out of the woman's hand and into the water.

However, she was able to reach back into the tank and rescue the device as the dolphin failed to hang on to it.

You can hear the "oh my gods" being thrown around as the woman was in a state of shock.

If there is one big lesson to learn from all of this, it's make sure you use a cell phone when taking photos of dolphins, it's a smaller target.

Dolphin Steal A Woman's iPad