Dog Drives Boy Around in an Incredibly Adorable Video

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You never hear about an animal taking control of a vehicle and driving their owner around.

Somehow, in this video, a dog manages to take a little boy for a ride and it's one of the cutest thing's you'll see this week.

(Video Below)

In the "Dog drives little Boy in car.....Daisy Driving Oliver" video posted to the Jessica Wolf YouTube Channel, you get exactly what you promised. It's a comical yet adorable approach and play on the entire Driving Miss Daisy film.

The dog is little Daisy who already has a lovable look. The kid next to her, well, that's Oliver another adorable aspect of the video.

"Daisy loves to drive Oliver around in their car," read the caption of the video.

"Yes the car is a remote controlled car which I use to accelerate and stop (neither of them can reach the peddles... Haha)... Yes she is really steering it. Hope you enjoy!"

What's most impressive is the way that Oliver lets Daisy take control of the wheel and seems to have full trust.

The two enjoy their drive in the little remote control vehicle and it's all in good fun and entertainment for us all. You can check out the video below.

Check out the hilarious video of the dog driving a boy below.