Does Kendrick Lamar's 11 Grammy Nominations Guarantee Him A Win?

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This year was huge for Kendrick Lamar and the hip-hop genre as a whole. His album To Pimp A Butterfly earned him 11 Grammy nominations and it looks like he will finally be able to take home a coveted Grammy.

Lamar broke onto the scene with a mixtape followed by an album titled, Section.80. That album was a complete game changer for hip-hop. It blended jazz, conscious rhymes and lyrics that reflect the dangers of growing up in a city littered with gangs, drugs and a fast lifestyle.

He quickly gained the attention of West Coast legend Dr. Dre who has been a mentor to him along the way.

He transitioned into becoming one of the most talked about rappers with a pure talent. His ability to freestyle is well documented proving that his talents stretch beyond a pen and a notepad.

Lamar followed Section.80 up with Good Kid, m.A.A.d City, which featured a few tracks that were more towards the mainstream side of things.

The album was highly revered and pretty much solidified his takeover of the hip-hop genre.

Now, Lamar has gained himself 11 Grammy Nominations after a very well put together album in To Pimp A Butterfly. The album was a bit more towards his Section.80 roots but gained the attention of major news publications because of its controversial yet necessary content.

The hard work Lamar put in to To Pimp A Butterfly is bound pay off come Grammy night.