Director Rob Reiner Talks 'Being Charlie' on the Howard Stern Show

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With the film Being Charlie nearing it's release date, director Rob Reiner stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to talk about the film, his father Carl Reiner and more.

Stern and Reiner kicked off their interview by discussing old age and the fact that Reiner has lost some weight. Reiner told Stern that he is happy when his day doesn't consist of pain as Stern asked him about aging and whether or not he thinks of dying.

Reiner simply gave much of the credit to his wife for taking care of him.

Reiner told Stern that his wife is worried about people dropping dead suddenly, but when you get older, you don't care anymore and it allows you to do what you want.

During the interview, Reiner also brought up the fact that he has been making his films with Castle Rock and he is lucky because other companies are all about movies with man and a number in the title, referring to the plentiful superhero franchises that major production companies are churning out.

"Howard said he projects the father son thing into his career.

He said Rob's dad is Carl Reiner and he picked this career to be in the business and people treat him like 'don't do that' because his father is so great," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said they think it's going to be nepotism. Rob said he didn't take any money from him.

He said he knew he was going to get that stuff. He said they still talk about it to this day. Rob said he knew what he had done and he knew the truth."

Reiner's father created The Dick Van Dyke Show and talked about a couple of pretty funny childhood moments from his teenage years. He was proud of his father and stated a lot of his accomplishments.

Reiner went to school with Richard Dreyfus and Albert Brooks and when he was younger he went to therapy because there was some jealousy towards his father.

Stern and Reiner also talked about some of the comedic greats that Reiner worked with such as Billy Crystal and Robin Crystal.

"Rob said he has a movie coming out on Friday called 'Being Charlie,'" according to MF.

"Howard said his son Nick is there and he's going to have him come in. Howard said it was good to see him.

Howard said he's a strapping young man. Nick said he's extremely nervous. Rob said he's Howard's biggest fan."

Stern pointed out some of the plot of the film which involved the character Charlie, and how he turned to drugs. Stern compared it to Nick's real life where Nick said it was tough to be Reiner's son.

He struggled with his father's success. The story of Nick's life is explored in Being Charlie as the main character and Nick both struggled with drugs.

They spoke a lot about the writing process as the character's father was made out to be a really terrible person. Nick says that his co-writer threw a lot of the harsher stuff into the writing.

Nick actually moved out to live on the streets when he was 15-years-old according to the interview. Nick told Stern that it was not his idea and Rob said he was listening to experts who specialized in tough love.

Reiner was very honest about how fulfilling the film was to complete alongside his son because it was so personal. It was a way for him to see what his son was going through when he was having his own troubles.

Being Charlie hits theaters on Friday, May 6. For the full transcript of the interview with Stern and Reiner you can click here.