Desiigner's XXL Freshman Freestyle Is Disappointing

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When it comes to the XXL Freshman Freestyle we expected the 2016 inductees to to bring everything that they have. That's why we are quite disappointed in Desiigner's XXL Freshman Freestyle.

Unlike his ridiculously good freestyle during his appearance on the Tim Westwood Desiigner delivered something that could only be described as mediocre.

His freestyle featured a sweet harmony and some finger snapping to keep him on beat however, the lyrics and overall confusing nature of the freestyle really have us scratching our heads.

Desiigner's place on the list was already in question due to the fact that he only currently has one track out, "Panda." While "Panda" is still in the Billboard Hot 100 top three, Desiigner's overall buzz has been on a bit of a decline.

The most memorable freestyles from the 2016 XXL Freshman inductees thus far have been Denzel Curry and Anderson Paak., who actually identifies more as a singer.

It's possible that we are being a bit harsh on Desiigner, however, we'll have you make your own decision. Check out Desiigner's XXL Freshman Freestyle in the video below.

Watch Desiigner's XXL Freshman Freestyle