'Derby The Dog' Uses Prothetics That Show The Evolution Of 3D Screen Printing

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In one very touching video posted to YouTube, a little dog named Derby benefits from the evolution of 3D printing, with a set of prosthetic front legs.

(Video Below)

Tara Anderson, Director of CJP Product Management 3D Printings, agreed to help Derby after reading his story, which she says made her cry almost every time.

Derby was born with a deformity in his two front paws which obstructed his ability to move comfortably.

The first strategy was to get Derby a cart but Anderson says that it limited his mobility and didn't allow him to react with other dogs normally.

Kevin Atkins and Derrick Campana worked with Anderson using 3D screen printing technology and her loop design, to create personalized prosthetics designed to protect him from getting stuck in the dirt.

After Derby received his new set of legs, his adopted parents Sherri and Dom Portanova said that they immediately saw how happy he was to be able to run freely.

Watch Derby The Dog Below