Demi Lovato Talks Her See-Through Grammys Dress and More On The Ellen Show

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The Ellen Show welcomed back Demi Lovato for another visit as she chatted about her Grammys dress and her new project that is aimed at empowerment.

DeGeneres brought Lovato to the stage and said Lovato was absolutely fantastic. The host said that she knows it's going to be a great performance every time Lovato hits the stage.

The conversation turned to the Bee Gees.

Lovato said she didn't know much about The Bee Gees, however, she knew some of the songs. Meanwhile, DeGeneres asked Lovato if her Grammys dress was crocheted onto to her, because of how it fit her.

Lovato said that the dress was completely see-through and when she first tried it on, she didn't want to wear it.

Things got even more awkward for Lovato because she was at the show with her dad. Whenever she was asked about the secret of her outfit, she cringed as she told interviewers it was completely see-through.

Lovato's dad said he approved; however, she said she wasn't sure he knew it was see-through.

Meanwhile, Lovato joked that she knew Adele was going to win the category she was also nominated for; she thought the Russians would come through for her with all of the election craziness.

The singer is producing a documentary on mental illness. The documentary follows three people who are well and living with mental illness.

Lovato admitted that she was bi-polar and proud. You can check out Lovato's interview and hilarious game of Su'Move It, Move It! in The Ellen Show videos below.

Demi Lovato Talks Her See-Through Grammy Dress and More On The Ellen Show

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