David Blaine set to Debut perform in Abu Dhabi, new event in 2016

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David Blaine is the person most people think of when the conversation of magic comes up, and he plans on solidifying that perspective with his new performances August 21 - 23, at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

He's accomplished some amazing feats since he first began performing on primetime TV over a decade ago, from from holding his breath for 17 minutes, David Blaine never ceases to amaze his audience with his magic which truth be told, are not really even tricks most of the time.

Aside from his "street magic" bits, all of his major performances like the aforementioned ones are real, and that is what sets Blaine apart from his contemporaries.

Blaine seems to always employ the three C's (cool, calm, collected) when it comes to his personality and magic and it is doubtful that his persona will change in the slightest when he performs in Abu Dhabi.

According to Gulf News, the three full length shows will feature Blaine performing "life-threatening feats" with a "death defying grand finale."

In an interview with the Telegraph earlier this year, Blaine also stated that he was planning on unveiling a new event in 2016 in London. He said it would be "The best thing I have ever done.

The most exciting." He then went on to speak about the idea for the performance and his plans of combining all of his past accomplishments.

Whatever the magic man has in store for us, it is sure to be a gut - wrenching, nail - biting experience which will surely keep us on the edge of our seats.