Kevin Hart joins 'Dancing with The Stars' judges

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On tonight's new episode of "Dancing With the Stars" actor/comedian Kevin Hart filled in for famous and permanent judge Len Goodman for the "Movie Night" performances.

Hinting retirement for the past few seasons, it is expected that Goodman took this week off to rest up and recharge his battery for the upcoming season.

Goodman, who is known as the most critical judge on the show, also is a permanent judge for BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing," and the constant traveling back and forth between London and Los Angeles has obviously taken its toll on him.

So tonight it was Hart's turn to judge the couples' performances.

One probably wonders how the decision came to choose Kevin Hart to fill the big shoes of Len Goodman, but Hart did not disappoint. He brought a certain level of flair and enthusiasm to the show.

He wasn't nearly as critical as Goodman, and instead of giving critical notes to each couple he used jokes and cliche dance terms to give his constructive criticism.

The next episode of "Dancing With the Stars" airs Monday, Oct. 6th at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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