Dance Moms 'Another One Bites the Dust' Recap, S4 E28

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On tonight's new episode of "Dance Moms" the dancers tried to impress Abby in the final competition before Nationals, while Cathy crashed the competition.

With Nationals looming right around the corner it was time for the dancers of the Abby Lee Dance Company to truly impress their chief choreographer and dance studio owner Abby Lee Miller (@Abby_Lee_Miller). Nia, Kendall, and Sarah all had solo performances in the last competition before Nationals, and each dancer worked hard in their practices before the event.

Just like last episode Abby's behavior and actions bothered the moms as she brought in another dancer at the last minute to help them win the competition.

And inevitably the moms did not take well to the addition of the new mother, Kate, to their group.

Candy Apples Dance Studio's, director, owner and chief choreographer Cathy Nesbitt-Stein surprised Abby by showing up at the competition. She made her appearance known right from the beginning, sarcastically being polite to Abby and her girls but obviously was trying to get in their heads.

She even went so far as to talk bad about Kendall during her solo, infuriating Kendall's mother Jill.

Backstage the two engaged in a heated argument, which is a common theme in every episode of "Dance Moms." Later on Cathy acted even more childish by poking and touching Abby, while also negatively speaking about the group performance.

The girls' performances at the competition in Orlando weighed heavily on Abby's decisions for who would be competing on the Select Ensemble team in Nationals. Nia, Sarah, and Kendall all performed well in their solos, but of course in the dressing room the arguments between Abby, Kate, and the mothers flared up as they critiqued the performances.

In the solo competition Sarah finished in fourth place, while Kendall finished second and Nia in first. The group performance didn't go nearly as well as the solos, however they were still able to claim first place in that category.

After the competition Sarah was removed from the team by Abby because of her "lackluster" performance at the competition.

Cathy burst through the door of the ALDC dressing room boasting how her team is going to bring something huge to Nationals. And yet again Cathy and Abby engaged in a screaming match in the hallway.

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