Dan Bilzerian Quotes Drake While Leaving Canada, On His Way To NYC

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The whole presidential campaign tour that Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian is embarking on is all just one big club tour for all of his Instagram followers.

That doesn't stop him from quoting Drake on his way to the next spot on the tour.

The photo below is typical Bilzerian being accompanied by two beautiful women one of which does not have a top on.

Don't fret Bilzerian did his best in trying to blur out the nudity so that he doesn't get banned from Instagram.

"Runnin through the airport w my woes, headed to NYC, @marqueeny tomorrow night #Bilzerian16 #YouKnowHowDatShitGo," read the caption of Bilzerian's photo. He quoted Drake's "Know Yourself," with popular lyrics that have been quote numerous times on social media.

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Meanwhile, Bilzerian also revealed that he is heading to NYC for his Bilzerian 16 party at club Marquee. If it's anything like the photos from his Montreal trip you can expect some pretty wild photos featuring many more women.

It's not surprising that Bilzerian is going on a party tour, after all the man is know for his rich and outlandish lifestyle.

He's not living a normal life but if you know anything about Bilzerian, he's never wanted a normal life. Followers can now look forward to his NYC photos.

They gave me expensive French champagne, but I prefer Mexican beer

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