Dan Bilzerian Leaves LA For Machine Guns: Parks 6X6 Mercedes G Wagon At His Front Door

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This may be some of the funniest antics that Dan Bilzerian has ever pulled before.

The Instagram playboy extraordinaire left his fans and followers two beautiful photos, one of his 6X6 Mercedes G Wagon parked at his front door and another of a beautiful Los Angeles view that he has to leave in order to "pick up some machine guns."

I woke up like this

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

In a photo posted to Instagram yesterday, Bilzerian showed off his famous G Wagon that was driven right up to what looks like the front door of his home. Even funnier is the caption that read, "I woke up like this," playing on some Beyonce lyrics.

The G Wagon is impressive with it's 6 wheel's and rugged exterior. Bilzerian has featured the vehicle in numerous photos but this one just takes the cake.

Meanwhile, Bilzerian showed off another photo from inside a room over looking the entire city of LA with a picturesque sunset in the background. It should be noted that he also has a chopper in the room.

The photo is just another that displays his wealth and how he chooses to spend it, which is pretty lavishly.

The room looks pristine and the view is something anyone would be envious, Bilzerian sure knows how to spend his money well.

Its hard to leave LA, but I have to pick up some machine guns

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

As much as he doesn't want to leave the LA pad, Bilzerian says that he has to "pick up some machine guns," according to his Instagram caption.

He hasn't shied away from using heavy artillery even after facing the "bomb charges." Now that the charges have been cleared, it looks like Bilzerian is wasting no time in continuing to show his love for semi-automatic weapons and explosions.