Dad Sees His Daughter Stand For The First Time

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Life is full of surprises but life with children is even more surprising on a daily basis.

One dad got the surprise of his life in a YouTube video that was posted to Reddit as his daughter decides she wants to take the first step in becoming a big girl.

(Video Below)

In today's technological day and age parents love to whip their cellphones out to record their little ones hoping to capture the series of firsts to come. In the video titled, "Daughter surprised me.." posted by Wesley Lawrence, a dad takes joy in filming his little one exploring he backyard and crawling around as normal.

What he didn't expect was that she was going to show how much she's grown with one feet that made him a proud dad.

"I was trying to film her crawling weirdly like she does through the yard but she had a different idea," read the caption of the video.

The little toddler is crawling around as usual however she steadies herself with her hands and stands tall. The immediate reaction of her father was "holy sh*t," out of sheer pride and excitement.

His daughter proceeds to stand a few more times. He gives his daughter a motivational "good girl" before she finally loses her little balance herself. What were some of your proudest moments watching you child grow up?

Watch the "Daughter Surprise Her Dad" below.