Dad Does Sweet Dance to the Vamps

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The fun doesn't end just because you're a parent. This dad holds nothing back as he dances in the back of the crowd at a The Vamps concert.

When you're too young to go see the hottest boyband in concert without an adult it is often times that the dad's are called upon to escort their kid.

We've all seen it, those pictures of unimpressed fathers standing amidst of excited fans. Well, this dad is not unimpressed with his kids' music choices.

The video was posted by Andy Morris of a dad rocking out to the band. And this dad has some serious moves. He's got the Carlton down to a science.

As well as those sick turns, all to the beat of "Wild Heart" by the Vamps. But while his moves are good they're still very much "Dad Dancing," as you can see from the startled child watching him dance.

Dad nails classic dance moves at The Vamps gig at Thorpe Park