CW's 'Significant Mother' Is More Than The Premise

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The CW is pushing it's hand in comedy.

After the success of "Jane the Virgin," which was a mix of drama and comedy, the network is ready to put forth an all comedy half-hour show in the form of "Significant Mother."

The premise of the show is that the main character, Nate (Josh Zuckerman), comes home from his business trip to find that his mother and roommate are in a relationship. Added to the mix is the father and ex who is suddenly interested in rekindling his past marriage.

Honestly, doesn't sound that interesting. Unless, of course, it pulls a "Cougar Town."

Zuckerman believes it will. "The show has a lot of fun and clever jokes, but for me what made the scenario work was the relationships, that these people cared about one another.

And then as the show progressed, how inventive the writers were with the stories. They could have easily relied on this premise, but they took it to incredibly clever places."

"Significant Mother" was originally going to be called "Mother F-er" and was just going to air on CW Seed. However, the network decided that the show would do much better as a regular TV show.

Hopefully, this means that some part of the new show was good enough to warrant it more attention. The show debuts on August 3.

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