Craigslist Scammer Caught On Video For Selling A Stolen iPhone

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Craigslist has become a popular site for people looking for items at cheaper prices.

It's also a dangerous place where you might be a target or could possibly end up being scammed out of hundreds or thousands of dollars, such as this victim of an iPhone scam, who got even.

(Video Below)

One man was very smart in the way he chose to handle the situation when a Craigslist seller sold him a stolen iPhone. The stolen iPhone was purchased prior to the release of the video that ended up on Reddit but began on the viral site LiveLeak.

In the video, a man is confronting the man who sold him the phone by trying to purchase a second one. After the seller tries to convince the buyer to take another phone he is bombarded with two ultimatums.

According to the video, the buyer tells the Craigslist scammer that his entire AT&T account was suspended after he tried activating the phone that he initially purchased. He told the scammer that his two options were to give him the phone he's trying to sell him for free or he would like the $560 that he paid for the first iPhone back.

The scammer agrees to give the man his $560 back and told him that he didn't mean to scam him, he buys and sells phones.

Hopefully this video is a learning experience for both buyers and makes scammers think twice. Check out the Craigslist scammer being exposed below.

Watch the Craigslist scammer get exposed below.