Could Lana Del Rey's 'Honeymoon' Album be Better Than 'Born To Die' ?

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Like any breakout artist it's always hard for one to top their first album or EP. For Lana Del Rey she's consistently produced masterly crafted albums that represents different eras. However, could her upcoming "Honeymoon" album surpass even her first album?

The first two singles off the "Honeymoon" album show clear signs of Lana Del Rey's first musical formula that gained her worldwide success.

"High By the Beach" is clearly that Pop/Hip-Hop/Classic sound that she single handedly made popular and "Terrence Loves You" has something quite similar to "Video Games" in terms of subject matter and overall execution.

As an artist, Lana Del Rey has grown to have high expectations from her fans. For the most part she's never once disappointed and for the past five years, she's produced a new album to fill up the iTunes libraries of her fans. The same can't be said for many artists putting her work ethic at a very high pace.

It often makes you wonder if she'll ever really take a break or run out of material. The two singles released so far are clear indicators that Lana Del Rey has a good shot of topping her first project.

The potential is always there for her but "Born To Die" remains her best work thus far in terms of organization, sound and production.

Fans and followers of Lana Del Rey will be able to find out if "Honeymoon" tops "Born To Die" when it releases on September 18.

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