Vine: The fall and Rise.

I'm very big on being on the net just running wild, discovering and seeing what's new.

There has been many sensations that have come and go and that we have evaporated into cyber space but this one is here to stay. Its called "Vine".

Vine is one of the coolest things I've encountered online in a long time. I heard about Vine when it was supposedly on its way out, killed by its competitor Instagram, who took their app a step further by adding a video capturing capability. I'm not big on company politics or beef but seeing the funny memes that were poking fun at the downfall of Vine hurt a little bit.

After seeing that they were supposedly "finished", it wasn't something I payed a lot of attention to. Then all of a sudden, every site I turn to its EVERYWHERE. Vine this, Vine that.

For those that don't know, Vine is a small clip taken on your phone. It's funny and sometimes quite impressive what people can do in such a small 6 second space.

Of course there's a lot of the "girls be like.." and the "guys be like..." but in the midst of that, there's a lot of inspirational content. Sometimes, I find myself sifting through hours of Vines, laughing and rewinding daily.

Years ago I couldn't imagine something so small being the takeover of the world wide web. I'm a person that doesn't catch on to the hype, and I like to fall back and see what comes of certain things. I just feel that things come and go nowadays so anything that comes along has to prove itself to me. Yeah, that's right.

My brain and attention are proving grounds and not just anyone can stay here. The same way I felt with Twitter when it just came along.

I believe these apps can be used to spread awareness to lands far away to those who have limited technology.

Just this past weekend I was caught up watching hours of vines like it was a television show. Getting so involved I hardly noticed that an hour of my weekend had passed by.

But imagine. Just imagine if every Vine had a message. I look on Facebook and see so much nonsense.

I see the downsides of butt implants and even Chinese baby soup (I can't make this up).

Imagine if we took time into making people smile and actually spreading awesome and cool info and things to make people smile. The world would and could be such a better place.