Valentine's Pay.

Men, take out your wallets, clear it out. This is going to cost.

You're gonna hit the mall and go in and out of stores. And repeat this process not finding anything thats in your price range. And you're gonna keep going.

You will keep going until you find something that is way out of your league. And you will put your money back in your wallet. And take out your credit card that is one Tiffany's purchase away from being maxed out. So you swipe, then with the bit left you hit the Victoria Secret store and your card tells the secret, Victoria's age-old secret. Your purchase is way beyond expensive. That will complete your experience at the mall but that doesn't mean that its over, because its not.
The day will roll around faster than you want it to. And you have to remember to be the perfect boyfriend. This is the hard part. You have to plan the day right. No hitches. Be on point. Make sure the plan lands you the perfect smile at the end of the night and everything should be fine. You'll go to work and all that will be on your mind is the fact that this woman has to have this day. Not her birthday, not Christmas but Valentines day. This has become their day, meaning the women.

It takes me to this. Who said it was your day?
While men are out working for our significant other, who is working for them? Just a question of curiosity. I believe that women are the backbone, I feel that without women there would be no men and the world would be a more difficult place. But Geeze!! What are the men worth? Imagine if the world could switch. Imagine if Valentines day was eliminated. I believe that it shouldn't just be one day, I feel it should be everyday. Along with the gifts and the expenses, lets give with our hearts.

Don't let there be a price tag on what you feel. Spend more time, spend less money. What comes out of the stores wither away, but love lasts forever. We've all been caught up in spending.

And thats not the bottom line. Make your days memorable. Just remember its Valentines day, not Valentines Pay. Spend time not money.