Maybe the music guru inside tells me I should listen to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' album. But I haven't. I have listened to Kendricks though.

I went through a period where I have heard of Kendrick but didn't give him the time of day. Im the type of person that hears the gossip and would rather it simmer down and then when its over I find out the truth for myself. I remember the day like it was yesterday. Good Kid Maad City drops and it flooded my time line. I was anxious but still I maintained my poise. I read a lot of reviews mentioning that it was in the realm of Jay-z's reasonable doubt. Hard to believe. I had to find out for myself.
I got my best friends laptop and juiced up my iPod, got a batch of new stuff that I haven't got before and Kendrick was definitely on my list. So I got home, got an amazing meal and headed to my man cave. I decided the best way to listen to it was through the headphones so I can hear everything that I needed to, to give it the proper judgement. So it began, one song to the next it was hip hop. Not filler here and radio song there. This was hip hop. I was impressed. But was it classic? I don't think so. Would it be considered that because of the state of hip hop? Yes, Im afraid so. And after being a semi fan of Kendrick, he continued to reign.

But in that reign there were very light sprinkles of Macklemore. And in all of that. Big Sean drops the game changer. And that game changer featured 2 lyrical beasts. Jay Electronica and of course Top Dawgs frontman Kendrick Lamar. Big Sean did his thing and so did Electronica. But what Kendrick did revolutionized hip hop. He had the twitterverse going crazy. Had everyone talking.
So fast forward to this important night that people use to determine if they're great with music called the Grammy's.

Macklemore, Drake, Kendrick. These are the names in which are being brought up for the hip hop categories. Drake received none for his numerous nominations. Kendrick was bare also.

But Macklemore cleaned up. Ive never heard the Heist but I sure haven't heard about this guy more than Kendrick.

Would I say robbery? Or is it like when someone goes for a job and they're given the reason of being overqualified for not being hired.

This is the reason ill stick to not to boycott the grammy's and hope they do better next year. Let real music prevail.