Music and the Human Soul

There is something certain throughout this existence and it's that music has a special affect on people.

We can feel something stirring when the speakers explode at a concert, we feel it when our favorite musicians strum that opening chord, and we even try and align our memories with specific tunes as a way to outline our own lives; music is a constant in a world of change.

Of course, the music of eras changes as we progress through the decades, but even in today's bubblegum pop music, it's tunes still entice a new generation and influences their actions.

Though the tune changes, the affects are always the same.

Who knew that a series of noises formulated in certain ways would be able to produce harmonies and rhythms that are enjoyable to the human ear? It is hard to even fathom an era in human history where music didn't appear. It is not difficult to assume that music is a direct output of the human experience. Like all art, humans produce music for the sake of expression. Each tune crafted to perfection with hopes that it will sway people and affect their moods.

Music is also one of the most popular art forms. It travels with us in our pockets through our iPods or phones and accompanies every commercial, movie, or television show.

Music has grown to become the soundtrack of the human experience.

Songs bring us to a place where we first fell in love, the song where we were going through great change, and even where our heats were breaking.

Even through sorrow we align ourselves with music and that leads us to change the way we experience life.

I think it's time to look at music as a separate beast than we have ordinarily considered it. It is not just someone singing and holding a guitar in some shady bar downtown, it is an entry way into another realm of creativity.

Perhaps we don't write the songs that guide our lives, they come through us and we act as mediums so they may be experienced. Perhaps music is more than we have given it credit for.