Jonah Hill & Rebel Wilson: The Same Person?

My name is Tyler. I am a celebrity doppelganger artist.

I did not type that with a straight face. But part of me wishes I was the type of person that could do that. I am envious of such assholes. Anyway, I created my site at the beginning of 2011.

Doppspot was the catchy name I came up with for celebrity look alikes or "doppelgangers". Recently I have been told that I am using the term doppelganger incorrectly but guess what I dgaf. Go correct someone's grammar.

I created the site at the behest of my brother who recognized this bizarre talent that I saw as more of a parlor trick. I guess the turning point was when I heard one of my biggest influences - who I was working for at the time - embark on a 20 minute soliloquy about how crackerjack religious magician James Van Praagh would look exactly like former NFL running back Larry Csonka if Larry Csonka were gay. He added that this was a totally different statement than actually calling James Van Praagh gay. He's right. A few days later I told him I was starting a website. He said "cool" and thus, Doppspot was born.

I even have doppelganger categories: An "Al Jolson Special" for when a black person looks like a white person. A "Chaz Bono Special" for when a man looks like a woman. An "Eli Manning Special" for when one person looks like a mildly autistic version of the other.

It wasn't until the fall of 2012, through the use of Picstitch and Instagram, that I was able to cultivate this skill into the force of nature it is today.

With Picstitch I was able to revolutionize the concept by putting two images in the same frame. Soon after, I created as a Doppelganger Hall of Fame.

Today's doppelganger and my favorite doppelganger of all time is Jonah Hill and Rebel Wilson.

Not only is it the flagship Chaz Bono Special but I can all but guarantee you that no one has seen these two people in the same place. What a dumbass phrase. All but guarantee.

If you say that I all but guarantee I will discount everything you say after that. I even drafted a website, in the voice of Jonah Hill, detailing his frustration at his inability to break through as a Hollywood leading man and angrily creating his "Rebel Wilson character".

You can find that at

What really sets me apart from the other people that attempt to make look alike collages (and there are many pretenders out there) is my ability to find the perfect picture with the perfect angle. This particular look alike did not take a lot of research obviously because they're the same person but most of the time such an endeavor requires hours or even days of research. When I came up with this one, I was watching Bridesmaids. The Screen Actors Guild sends me screeners so I feel obligated to watch this crap instead of Bloodsport for the 213,933 time.

I remember seeing Rebel Wilson and thinking, wow how brash of Jonah Hill, coming off such a stellar performance in Moneyball, to play a woman for this movie. Why hadn't I read about this in the trades? I paused the DVD and feverishly ran to my computer to pull up IMDB. I can all but guarantee that my eyes popped out of my head and rolled from the base of my computer chair all the way to my bathroom sink when I saw it wasn't actually Jonah. The rest is Doppelganger history.