Hair and Now: Beards and their fuzzy Pasts.

So, I'm pretty frequent on the social media sites and I'm seeing these hashtags everywhere #beardlife, #beardthef***up, #beardgang and so on and so forth and I'm not impressed. I've heard the saying "nothing under the sun is new" and it's true. If we take a glance back far enough, beards have always been hair, I mean here.

All the greats possessed beards, well the greats in my eyes. Fidel, Che, Moses, Jesus. Who can argue with such a line up?

I wouldn't dare. It's so funny to see these styles get repeated like old movie titles. I feel beards are like, ummm, are kinda like when a woman goes through a bad breakup. She cuts her hair off (I've been the reason for a couple, so I know). I think when men are trying to find themselves they go through the time to "man up" phase and have no other way to recreate their identities but with a full face of that good ol' man mane. I say cool.
But is there any other way?
Doesn't matter. I beg you, Stop acting like the beard trend is new; It's not.
Especially if you grow a little bit of a beard and cut it right off because you miss your smooth face. The beard was never and will never be for you. For beard growth, it takes dedication. A lot of it.

It takes patience and commitment and obviously not all of us are built for it. It's a thing for the dedicated, for the wiseman in you. Not the sissy that's crying in front of a screen listening to old rock songs wandering if it will ever be again. This piece is a call to all the men who didn't do it for the trend, and if he did it, he did it for how his heart felt he grew it (and kept it).
To the men who've simply brushed off the words "something is in your beard" well this is for you. Not for the ones that followed the trend.

It's for the ones that did it 'just because' and kept it 'because'. Now, you can look at the pages or your favourite magazine or tabloid and see these stars bearding up like they invented it. Why is having a beard such a cool thing anyway?
Food always falls in it.

Girls never fall for it. A lil' bit of weight on you means you want to be Rick Ross. What's so special?

It's special because the right people make it special.

The women that say things like "Beards are manly" or "what's a man without a beard anyway?" For the almost inebriated woman in the club with her friends, her whisper smelling like Jagerbombs saying "Nice beard, can I touch it?" of course you can touch it.

That's not all you've touched (get your minds out of the gutter), you've touched a piece of my heart and for this my beard and I will be forever grateful.

(Image courtesy of Society6 Check them out to score this sweet print!)