Concert Review: 'Writing the Future' With Paramore

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The second night of Paramore's month-long Writing the Future Tour, which kicked off on Monday it Atlanta, GA, was sold out show held in Clearwater, FL at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

Opening for Paramore was Copeland, a band from Lakeland, FL. During their forty-five minute set, the crowd enjoyed hearing songs both old and new. It was fitting to have Copeland open for Paramore for this tour as the roles were once reversed.

Lead singer Aaron Marsh explained Paramore's first show ever in Nashville, TN where they opened for Copeland. He described Hayley Williams as a "pint sized girl with fiery red hair" as she took the stage along with the rest of Paramore, who at the time was nameless.

He praised the band by stating that they had already won the audience over before Copeland even began playing, and were thankful to be able to join them again for Writing the Future.

The crowd didn't have to sit in too much agony as they waited for Paramore to come on. Once the lights dimmed again, everyone was on their feet and cheering.

As usual, the band brought on full throttle energy with their sound filling up the room and bouncing off the walls.

Lead singer Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York showed their passion through their liveliness and interaction with the audience as they jumped around and head banged their way into each song.

Paramore began their set with "Daydreaming," a track off of their 2013 self-titled album Paramore. Right after the song ended, Hayley kicked off her shoes, commenting that they hurt, and spent the remainder of the show bouncing around in her socks.

Further into the set, Hayley went on to say that this tour was something the band had been discussing ever since they were recording Paramore. As she also stated, it is meant to be set at a different pace, which was presented in the theater setting the show was held in and the fact that the band played songs never heard live from Paramore before.

The tour is also the end to an era of the band's career, the "self-titled life" they have been living ever since the release of Paramore.

The set list included tracks from each of the band's four studio albums, as well as the B side song "Tell Me It's Okay" and their two tracks off of the Twilight soundtrack, "Decode" and "I Caught Myself." They also played three acoustic songs, "Misguided Ghosts, "Franklin," and "The Only Exception." Their diverse song choices were enjoyable for fans who have been following the band from the beginning, fans who had never been to a Paramore show, and fans who had never heard some of those songs live before.

The crowd sang along to every tune, throwing hands in the air, holding up signs for the band to see, and clapping along where it was necessary.

During "[One of Those] Crazy Girls," Hayley made sure to include all the guys in the room as she took turns having the girls sing "Now I'm one of those crazy girls" and then had the guys sing, arousing laughter from the crowd.

Paramore played their Grammy winner "Ain't It Fun" as their "last" song, but everyone knew that the band wasn't done just yet. After a few minutes of cheering and clapping, they made their way back onto the stage to play "Future." Just as the song goes, they started off slow and low-key. Then it picked up, transitioning into the instrumental piece.

Different colors were flashing: blue, green, yellow, pink. There was a spot during the song where it went from loud, to soft, and back to loud again.

And it was obvious that each member of the band was fully absorbed in the song by their dynamic, nonstop energy that didn't end until the last note was played.

Paramore will be touring until the end of May before they close the "self-titled life" chapter and begin yet another adventure together.