Comcast Introduces 'Stream'

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Streaming has become a go to choice for watching TV shows since the airing of Netflix and Hulu. Cable companies started jumping on the bandwagon very recently. Now, Comcast has revealed its own internet TV service called "Stream."

The Internet has been a gateway to information. There have always been streaming sites but most were riddled with viruses so you only used them in times of need.

Netflix and Hulu were the first successful streaming sites to change up the formula of how people consumed their media.

Binge-watching became a well known term when referencing Netflix and Hulu was an easy way to catch up on an episode you missed.

Now, streaming has taken a step further. For some it's replacing regular cable. Instead of paying a cable company monthly for an array of channels that they don't watch, people are picking and choosing different streaming options for cheaper.

It has been recorded that 28% of all TV watching is now through streaming.

Amazon launched a streaming component when they launched their Amazon Prime. HBO, and Showtime are broadcasting channels that decided to offer a separate site even for people who are not subscribed to their TV channel.

Comcast's service will include all major broadcasting networks, even that of HBO. There will be access to thousands of on demand movies and shows.

Costumers will be able to watch anywhere with a "Stream" app and a cloud DVR. Comcast is only offering the service to its own costumers and will only available for most in early 2016.

Comcast is not the only company to try and come up with ways to retain costumers.

Earlier this year, Verizon launched its FiOS Custom TV service, which offers modified a la carte pricing for slimmer, customizable pay-TV bundles.

Meanwhile, Dish Network offers a similar subscription service, Sling TV, and cord-cutters can also opt for services like Sony's Playstation Vue.