Claire Danes Talks Seeing Ghosts, Homeland, Early Life & More on Howard Stern

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This October fans are in for a special treat as the Stern Show will not be taking as much time off as he's done in the past.

Today Claire Danes stopped by top talk, Homeland, balancing the show with being a mother and more.

The Homeland star admitted that it wasn't too early for her to be up and talking to the Stern Show audience because she's normally up with her 2-year-old. Stern commended her for being able to manage a full-time career and kids.

Danes pointed out that she was very uncomfortable because she was pregnant during season two of Homeland.

"She said she works for 6 months and then she goes home to be a mom. She said her husband, Hugh Dancy, works on Hannibal," according to MarksFriggin.

"She said that she has been doing this show for years and it's time now for her to design a new character.

Claire said that she's thinking that the gift of the show is that the writers are excellent and they keep challenging themselves."

Danes also said that when she thinks the direction of the show may be a little iffy, she makes it a point to let the writers know.

She continued to say that she did all of research for her character by using what she learned from the web.

"Claire said in the first season when she goes off the rails she's in a euphoric state," according to the MarksFriggin rundown of the Stern Show.

"She said that she solved the mystery and she was flying on that.

Claire said that she had fun playing that early on. Howard said whenever he talks to someone about Homeland the people say that Claire is really crazy and she doesn't have to act."

In a strange twist, Danes pointed out that she went through a phase where she saw ghosts and gargoyles while growing up in a loft in New York. She attested it to a bit of OCD which Stern also said he has but both admitted to having it under control. Danes said that her parents were creative and playful people.

She admitted that growing up in SoHo was a bit of a trippy environment. She started taking dance classes at age 4 which lead to her doing productions at PS 122.

"Claire said that she had trouble in school. Howard asked if she was weird. She said she was. She said she was nerdy and liked learning," according to the rundown.

Danes also dished a lot of information about My So Called Life and working with Jared Leto, who plays the new Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. The two are no really close but she admitted to seeing him at events and says he's still friendly.

The interview was quite insightful and a little strange at times but Danes really opened up a lot about her career and future. If you want to check out the entire script of the interview you can click here.