Cindy Crawford Talks 'Becoming' Book, Playboy & More With Howard Stern

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The Howard Stern SiriusXM show was graced by famous supermodel Cindy Crawford who was promoting her new book, Becoming and talked about her early years in modeling which included a shoot for Playboy.

Stern introduced Cindy Crawford by saying that she was gorgeous and had a new book out called Becoming.

Crawford stated that the new book was all about the lessons she learned along the years in the modeling industry, according to MarksFriggin.

One of Sterns first matters of agenda happened to be discussing what a risk it was for Crawford to complete a shoot for Playboy with Herb Ritts.

"She said that she agreed to do it when she and Herb were doing another shoot," according to the report.

"She said that she didn't ask for a lot of money but she asked for control of the pictures and the ability to kill the deal if she didn't like where it was going.

Howard said that you have to take that control."

Like Stern's previous guest Beverly Johnson, Crawford's father also so modeling as a form of prostitution according to Stern. Crawford told Stern that she really wanted to show her father that he was in fact wrong about the business. Like her early challenges from her parents, Crawford did have a few instances in her life where she was humiliated.

She told Stern a story of some friends from high school who pulled a mean prank on her by telling her that a department store wanted her for a shoot.

Crawford was 16-years-old and like any young girl would do, she approached the department store who looked at her as if she was crazy.

She told Stern that it hurt her but years later she saw the girls at a 10 year reunion and he success spoke for itself.

Crawford addressed her iconic mole that photographers tried to cover up in some of the photos.

According to MarksFriggin, Crawford said that the mole punctuates her face and that her cover with Vogue, where the mole was present, changed the way women handled their own.

"Howard said the cover of Vogue was a big deal. Howard said you can appear in there nude and it's fine but if you're in Playboy it's a different thing," according to the report.

"Cindy said that everyone thought she'd never get a cosmetic contract after that. She said that MTV came calling after the Playboy thing.

She said that they had guys in their audience and they wanted her to do House of Style. Howard said she did that show and MTV was so big at that point."

Crawford also opened up about her brother Jeff dying at such a young age and how her family used it as a way to enter philanthropy. They wanted to raise money in order to help the fight against Leukemia.

Along with discussion on her early relationships, Crawford also spoke about the infamous Pepsi commercial, her relationship with George Clooney and his wide Amal and more.

It's another solid interview with a guest who's had an interesting and at times difficult past, but managed to rise above it.

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