Chris Webby's 'Chemically Imbalanced' Album Is Solid: Our Review

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The rapper out of Norwalk, Connecticut, Chris Webby finally has his moment "making it further than anyone predicted" with "Chemically Imbalanced," his debut album.

Webby is an artist who manages to find a balance between party rap and songs where he speaks about the real situations he has been in.

According to the opening track, "Nice 2 Be Back," he faced a lot of labels who told him to dumb down the way he raps, however, Webby chose to stay true to what he believes in and pushed on with the "Chemically Imbalanced" album.

It is a nice opener to the album and sets the tone for what fans can expect on the album.

"Rapping since he was in the 6th grade, Webby caught fire rapping at college keg parties, but after getting kicked out of school, he joined the mixtape game and began releasing a series of tapes that had fans comparing him to Machine Gun Kelly and Mac Miller," according to his iTunes artist bio.

"Six official mixtapes had already seen the light of day when the There Goes the Neighborhood EP landed in 2011 on the Homegrown Music label.

Two years later, Homegrown became the name of his debut EP for his new label, eOne Entertainment."

He moves into "So Eazy," an all around good song to ride to and he "Eazily" spits lyrics over an fly beat to bob your head to. In "Set It Off" Webby fuses a trap party feel and really makes some impressive feel good music to party to.

His album seem to be an overall soundtrack for a house party or a night out to a club which makes it enjoyable to the ear.

The "House Party Cypher" is a nice little breakdown where Webby revisits his days rapping out at house parties and making a name for himself.

He slays a rap over a beatbox which embarrasses the MC who stepped into the party looking for followers and follows that song up with "Let's Do It Again" to get the party jumping again.

If you could compare Webby to anyone it may be a fusion between Wiz Khalifa and and old school Mac Miller from K.I.D.S. The carefree, get drunk, smoke weed and party mindset is what puts him in the same category as them and he makes a very intelligent move by making the kind of music that fits his style.

He doesn't try to be a hardcore rapper who raps about the streets and the game, he is all about staying true to himself and that is respectable.

Webby is joined by Dizzy Wright for a smokers anthem titled, "Turnt Up," which features a nice reggae inspired beat.

Wright adds a harsher tone to the song but the straight up speed rap works well and the feature gives fans a good idea of who Webby surrounds himself with.

The album contains a few more of his "Cyphers" which are skits that tell the story of his days coming up. The additional cyphers include, "Blunt Ride Cypher" and the "Label Office Cypher."

One of the stand out tracks on the album might be "R.A.D. (Roll A Doobie)" it features a nice old school production with real lyrics.

Webby pours a lot of his feelings into this song and despite it's name its pretty deep and inspires people to keep it moving when times get rough.

The titled track "Chemically Imbalanced," follows suit of "R.A.D." because Webby speaks from his personal experiences as well as accepting the label of growing up in a middle class family.

Webby does not assume the role of someone who has had the roughest life ever or the best life ever, he falls in the category between which a lot of his fans and new listeners might be able to relate to.

The radio hit "Fck Off" is the perfect F U to critics, people who hate on him and overall anyone who tried to get in the way of Webby on his rise to creating this album.

Webby continues to reiterate the fact that he doesn't care about either side of the spectrum and he will continue to do him. It features a few punchlines that are well placed and balance the song out nicely.

The last stretch of the album contains most of the tracks that dawn features from names such as, Tech N9ne and Jarren Benton on "Ohh Noo," Jon Connor and Skrizzly Adams for "World On Fire," a huge song called "Dopamine," featuring Talib Kweli, Grafh, B Real and Trae Tha Truth, and "Day In The Life" featuring Ryatt Fienix.

The "Chemically Imbalanced" album features clean production, a group of sound musical concepts and a rapper who understands his place and was very smart about the music he made. The album features production from Alex 'AK' Kresovich, Ben Billions, Brix, I.D. Labs, Kato, Krunkadelic, Prestige, SAP, Scott Storch, Skrizzly Adams, Supa Dups and WLPWR. It is worth a listen to decide how you feel about Webby as a hip-hop artist from Connecticut who is just doing his own thing. Fans who would like to decide whether the album is worth purchasing can head over to right now to stream it in its entirety.

Chemically Imbalanced Album Tracklisting

1. Nice 2 Be Back
2. So Eazy
3. Set It Off
4. House Party Cypher (Interlude)
5. Let's Do It Again
6. Turnt Up (feat. Dizzy Wright)
7. Brim Low
8. Blunt Ride Cypher (Interlude)
9. R.A.D. (Roll a Doobie)
10. Chemically Imbalanced
11. F*ck Off
12. Ohh Noo (feat.

Jarren Benton & Tech N9ne)
13. Label Office Cypher (Interlude)
14. World On Fire (feat. Jon Connor & Skrizzly Adams)
15. Stand Up
16. Dopamine (feat. Talib Kweli, Grafh, B-Real, Trae Tha Truth)
17. Day In the Life (feat. RyattFienix)