Chris Gayle Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In Grenada

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When Chris Gayle isn't competing for the most lavish lifestyle on Instagram or playing cricket for the West Indies national team he is also found accepting the ALS ice bucket challenge.

The West Indies skipper got on his knees on the cricket ground Windies training at the Grenada National Stadium. He also challenged fellow team mates Darren Bravo and Sulieman Benn.

Gayle then gets doused with ice water from a cooler in the stadium. The West Indies are scheduled to compete in the first one day international match against Bangladesh tomorrow.

Gayle also lives a very lavish lifestyle and has just about 72,000 followers on Instagram.

Gayle will have to work a lot harder if he intends on keeping up with playboy extraordinaire Dan Bilzerian in the who is the better playboy competition.

Check out the action below.