'Chicago PD' S2 Ep. 3 Recap: Hit Man vs. Halstead

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The detectives of Chicago PD's Intelligence Unit did their best to take down a hit man who was after Halstead on tonight's new episode of "Chicago PD."

In the season premiere Detective Halstead shot and killed someone a criminal during an undercover mission, and now he has a $100,000 hit on his head.

Last week's episode concluded with a presumed hit man reigning bullets at Halstead and Lindsay as they drank at bar; luckily for them neither was hit.

However the bartender, and love interest of Halstead's, was hit by a bullet in the neck and in critical condition.

Voight put Halstead under protective custody, and he would be watched by Officers Burgess and Roman. While Detectives Dawson, Lindsay and Ruzek followed early leads.

Detective Olinsky asked Bembenek, the man who called the hit on Halstead for killing his brother, to remove the hit; obviously he refused.

Dawson and Lindsay were able to question the driver of the get away car used in the shooting, and he was able to give up the shooter, who was pursued by Voight and Atwater.

Voight intimidated the perp with two options, comparing one to heaven and one to hell.

Voight passed the shooter by Halstead in the precinct, and Halstead had to restrained by Roman and Burgess. The shooter said his motivation behind the attempted hit was to gain respect with higher-ups and earn some extra money.

He then dropped some vigger information to Voight: Bembenek has a hit list with people's names if he were to ever go to prison.

Just upon hearing that information Voight found out that that the daugther of the assistant district attorney in Bembenek's case had been murdered.

Voight and Olinsky pursued more leads stemming from calls made about the hit list, and again Voight learned of another murder: the judge in Bembenek's case mother was the victim. Upon questioning one of their leads, a prisoner and former hit man, they learned of a new hit man who is a new breed of hit man.

They used the prisoner to get to the hit man and thought they could fake Halstead's death. However they way things played out Halstead would be delivered alive from one hit man to the other.

Halstead was being driven to their location by the police-used hit man, only to have the hit man try to flea the police cars because a picture of kidnapped son was sent to him by the hit man they were going to meet. Halstead became prisoner as the hit man distanced himself from the police.

Halstead was able to take control of the situation and give his location to the police, and the hit man arrived at the same time Voight and Lindsay did.

An intense car chase ensued, and they were able to apprehend their man, who was powerfully escorted by Halstead for obvious reasons.

The next episode of "Chicago PD" airs Wednesday, Oct. 15th at 10 p.m. on NBC.