'Chicago Fire' Season 3 Premiere Recap, S3 E1

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On tonight's third season premiere of NBC's "Chicago Fire" the Firehouse 51 team must deal with the aftermath of the explosion, while the personal lives of other firefighters and paramedics unravel.

Last season ended with the Firehouse 51 team being inside a building when it explodes. This season kicks off inside the building, with the crew suffering the effects of the explosion.

Everyone is accounted for, however Shay was found unconscious and rushed out to an ambulance; it is later revealed that Shay died. Chief Boden has a difficult task of having his team pull it together.

Severide has gone missing after Shay's death, as they were romantically involved.

Casey is able to track him down it is clear that Severide is heavily and emotionally burdened with her death. The two friends help pack up Shay's belongings, and again Severide is overcome with emotion.

Dawson was the one trying to resuscitate Shay during the building explosion, and Shay's loss has had a clear emotional toll on her during the episode. She feels serious guilt about Shay's death, saying it was her that should have been killed.

With her emotion taking over she asks Casey again to propose to her. The two agree that they will get engaged and marry, but that they need to do it the right way.

The third season of "Chicago Fire" looks to increase the heat that the first two seasons ignited. The next episode of "Chicago Fire" airs Tuesday Sept. 30th at 10 p.m. on NBC.