The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II Recap Episode 4

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So far on "The Challenge" it has been a whirlwind of emotions. With Diem and CT now out the remaining contestants aren't really sure what to expect. Anything can happen.

Tonight on the show Jay and Zach swapped exes and each shared a kiss with one another's former lover. Jonna and Jenny played a game of back and forth with their respective exes.

There doesn't seem to be that much bad blood between the two which is a bit surprising.

Meanwhile Adam and Brittany, although a team can't seem to see eye to eye. Adam was quick to remind everyone that he had put the aggressive moves on Brittany at the bar.

She didn't find this too endearing and the two butted heads.

There was also Nany and Bananas with more relationship drama. Nany admits that she would hate to mess with a relationship he's got back home.

(Nany and Bananas Drama Below)

The exes for the first challenge were forced to strip down and get covered in paint. Admittedly all the exes horribly had to transfer said paint on to one another.

While finally transferring the pain once again to a punching bag. The teams raced to fill bubbles on the bag with the paint.

Jonna and Zach were working very well together and that surprised them both as they won the challenge. Jenna couldn't help being jealous when her knew fling got felt up by his ex. The other couple to win was Jordan and Sarah.

Yet it was Jonna and Zach that claimed the power couple spot. Meanwhile Knight and Jemmye found themselves at the bottom.

Jonna and Zach had the losers over for a talk about who the veterans would face in the dome. Knight was confident that no matter who they face it would be them on top.

Next it was Jay and Jenna that were called over and both couples agreed not to vote each other in for future dome challenges.

Zach and Jonna also discussed their relationship at this current moment in the season. Both were distant on the show so far.

The two finally got some alone time and felt mutual again. Both agreeing to be friends for the sake of the competition.

Out of nowhere there seemed to be a little drama as to who was going to face Knight and Jemmye in the dome. Jonna hesitated and thought about choosing Jenna and Jay over Adam and Brittany. Of course the risk being that choosing a veteran couple over a rookie one.

Zach wasn't fond of this idea and tried to shoot it down as quickly as possible. In the end the smart decision was made and Adam and Brittany were sent to the dome for the third time.

For the dome challenge the couples had to pull a rope together in order to break a wrecking ball through two cinder block layers. Adam was convinced that his strength was going pay off at last.

It ended up not even being close and the young couple moved to 3-0 in the dome. Possibly proving voting them back once again a failure.

Knight and Jemmye had to say goodbye for the time being. Of course the Ex-iled house is constantly awaiting the eliminated contestants. So far Dustin & Jessica and Thomas & Hailey have bit the dust in the Ex-ile challenge.

(Episode 3 Ex-ile Challenge Below)

Unfortunately last weeks episode saw the exit of two couples. Diem has since lost her battle with cancer and CT took to Instagram and Twitter to thank all the fans for showing him support.

Tune in Tuesdays at 11 p.m. eastern on MTV for new episodes. Real World Skeletons airs at 10 p.m. right before. Episode 3 of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II is available here.