Catfish Recap: Miranda & Cameryn (Gabby)

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MTVs Catfish is back this week with the story of Miranda (here is her Twitter and Instagram) trying to figure out who 'Cameryn' is, or maybe his name is James... or Gabby?

We find out early that she thought she was talking to a Cameryn, but he at some point revealed he was actually James.

And even though he 'came clean', he still does not want to do any video chat or prove that he is the real deal.

What I like about this episode is that Miranda actually Googles some of this stuff and reaches some conclusions about this guy. She takes some of the hard-work away from Nev and Max, but then again she really doesn't know anything about the guy yet.

The guys hit the laptop and go through some options like a James registered sex offender, and eventually land on a Hang XX (they are bleeping out the last names for some reason).

Miranda seems absolutely head over heels for this guy, maybe more so that usual on this show. Which adds more anxiety to the whole discovery. Nev calls him up and says he's busy with "stuff and things", which is a classic.

Anyways, the catfish guy is super sketchy and writes a novel to Nev about not being able to meet up. They get him to agree to a Skype video chat but then puts up limitations.

He wants to talk to Nev and Max first.

The video flashes very quickly and shows what looks like someone in a mask shows for a brief second. Best Catfish moment ever? It actually made me jump.

But it's not. It turns out to be an African American girl named Gabby. So a complete 180 from what Miranda thought it was.

Turns out this is kind of a sweet moment. Gabby is most likely gay, but explains that her family would not accept it.

At the end of the episode, Gabby bails on the meet up again. She clearly is very uncomfortable in her own skin, which is a bit sad more than anything else. You've got to wish both Gabby and Miranda the best for the future in this episode.

Glad to hear they still talk, and maybe there could still be a relationship... kind of cool. Remember kids, make sure you see the other persons face BEFORE you fall in love. Life lesson #139.