'Catfish' MTV: 'Stephanie & David' Recap, The LA Connection

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The drama continues on MTV's 'Catfish' as Nev Schulman is joined once again with Max Joseph to figure out if Stephanie is being "catfished" by David.

"Catfish" episode seven of season four is from the "Catfish" vault of never before seen episodes. It's all about Stephanie (IG) who met David on Facebook and was able to rely on him for to comfort her while she struggled through personal hardships. Her parents got divorced and it forced her to think about whether or not she could trust men.

Stephanie (YouTube) claimed that David restored her trust, however, the fact that he always has an excuse when they try to meet despite being located in the L.A. area, along with the refusal to Skype throws some serious red flags.

For someone who already has trust issues, the relationship seems a little fishy.

Stephanie and David do talk on the phone and text each other so there is some sort of communication, at this point you can pretty much rule out the fact that David might be a girl due to the phone interaction. The big draw is how much she was able to confide in David, something she said she's never been able to do before.

There have been so many excuses from David when it comes to meeting up that it now looks as if he is trying to dodge her because he is hiding something.

The guys call up Stephanie to let her know that they are on board to help her figure out who David is.

Schulman and Joseph fly out to California and on the way there they discuss the small details they know but give David the benefit of the doubt so far. Stephanie is a pretty girl who says that the feelings she has for David are a 9/10, because she didn't know what a googly eye was. She does not believe in love but says she wants to, specifically she believes she can't fall in love.

The major cause of it all was the fact that she thinks her father cheated on her mom after 42 years of marriage.

It made her very emotional even speaking about it and she doesn't want what happened to her mom to happen for her.

When Stephanie talks to David, he becomes her escape and her super hero. David was the one to break the stereotype of men that Stephanie has. She does not like liars and if they find out that David is lying she is going to cut ties.

What Stephanie really wants is to love and be loved but Schulman wants it to work out for her because she deserves it.

Schulman is really worried about what could happen if David is in fact lying about who he is. Tonight's episode is also the first episode they ever shot.

Fans get a glimpse inside Schulman's home in L.A. as the search begins with a google search. The search comes up showing a very popular guy by the name of Cayron. The profile pic for David and Cayron are identical and it's not looking good for David at all.

Schulman realizes that Stephanie's fragile heart could be in danger. They give David a call with the number they received from Stephanie.

Schulman and Max introduce themselves and explain the situation to him.

David seems a bit reluctant before and when they ask why they haven't met, David says she lives pretty far from where he stays.

Schulman says that he wants to arrange for them to meet and the mysterious character that is David agrees to meet with them on Sunday.

This is going a little too smooth and David doesn't seem to have a very bright personality. He was very nonchalant and lucid. It's so strange that Stephanie hasn't looked into this guy further before letting herself get caught up.

Just when things were going smooth for the meet, David makes up and excuse and seems to be looking for a way out of the meeting. Back at Schulman's they try to call David again and see if he's had time to think.

This is his last opportunity to meet Stephanie before she moves on with her life.

David agrees yet again and this time they will be meeting up sooner than later, however, the guys are not too sure he will go through with it.

They decide to meet with Stephanie and her two best friends to see what she would like to do. Her friends seem optimistic but are weirded out by the fact that they've never seen him. Upon sitting down with Stephanie alone, they drop the bomb on Stephanie that David's photo is of someone else by the name of Cayron.

Stephanie is upset and realizes she's been talking to a stranger. She feels 50/50 on the idea of meeting David. She ends up agreeing on meeting him and Schulman and Joseph tell her that no matter what they've got her back.

The next day, Schulman and Joseph pick Stephanie up so that they can embark on what's shaping up to be a very emotional reveal. Stephanie is very nervous as they arrive at David's place. Schulman gives Stephanie a comforting hug and they begin their walk before coming up the the house.

Schulman approaches the door and asks for David. David is actually Dawuan and Stephanie is not happy at all and immediately confronts Dawuan for lying to her.

He explains himself by wanting to be the perfect guy for her and was waiting for the right time to tell her.

Dawuan tries to explain himself a number of times but all Stephanie can think of are the lies that she's be told the whole time.

Stephanie is disgusted by Dawuan and asks him to back away from her. Schulman pulls Stephanie away as things get heavy and Dawuan realizes that he's messed everything up with Stephanie. Stephanie says if he really liked her, she would know more about him and who he was.

Dawuan just got caught in one big lie and as time passed it got harder for him to tell her the truth. He is still holding out on the hope that he could have another chance.

He says just because he lied about who he was doesn't mean he didn't care about her. Stephanie just wanted to leave and Schulman breaks the news to Dawuan.

It's a quiet ride back and Stephanie prays for the strength to stay strong and follow the right path. After a break Schulman and Joseph pay Stephanie another visit and she is relieved that she got the answers she wanted but the situation still sucks. Schulman makes sure that Stephanie knows she was being pulled in by the care.

She is not willing to give Dawuan and the connection they had away but Joseph and Schulman puts things into perspective for her. They want to know if she cares enough to hear him out.

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It looks like Stephanie agrees to give Dawuan the chance to talk to her. Schulman finds out that Dawuan created the fake profile to talk to his ex because he still had feelings for her. He came across Stephanie but he didn't expect his lies to go so far. He felt stupid and he was ashamed of himself for what he did to Stephanie. Meanwhile, Joseph tells Stephanie that she needs to be thankful for the fact that Dawuan provided some type of happiness that she needed.

Dawuan's had a hard time growing up without a father and having self-esteem issues. Before the episode ends Dawuan gets the chance to explain himself.

She thanks him for putting a lot of things into perspective for her and being there for her. It ends with a hug and a compliment of her boots.

Tonight's episode of "Castfish" revealed a lot about the truth in a relationship. It's yet another episode where someone who put their complete trust in another person was not receiving the same respect causing them to seek answers.

Schulman and Joseph are very skilled at what they do and they have managed to put yet another mystery to rest. Fan who want more "Catfish" can tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM EST on MTV.