'Catfish' MTV: 'Rylan & Devan' Recap, Todrick Hall Guest Co-Host

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While Max Joseph is MIA once again for MTV's "Catfish" another celebrity guest host has taken his place.

YouTube and American Idol sensation Todrick Hall joins Nev Schulman to find out if Devan Witt is being catfished by Rylan a girl he met online.

In episode 20 of season four, Schulman and Todrick Hall will investigate the baffling case of Devan, 21 (Facebook) who might be getting catfished by Rylan, 23 (No Twitter) a girl began dating after meeting her on a site called Meet Me. Dylan (Meet Me) says he met Rylan (No Facebook) on Meet Me and the two hit it off. What makes this even more interesting is that both Devan and Rylan are from Texas.

He said he thought should could be the one and even invited her to live with him because of conflicts within her family.

Devan is in college and has a lot on his plate but still made an offer to someone he never met that would take them away from a terrible situation.

Todrick Hall is known for his participation on the hit show "American Idol." He later became a YouTube sensation and now has over 1.64 million subscribers on his official YouTube Channel.

The most recent video from Hall is a special Flash Mob-styled dance compilation he performed as a surprise for Ariana Grande, featuring her brother Frankie, who is a judge on MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew." Hall has his own MTV show "TODRICK" scheduled to premiere on Monday August 31.

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Devan says he wants to believe that Rylan is who she says she is but she doesn't have a Facebook account and is unable to Skype. Upon the meeting with Todrick and Schulman, Devan says that Rylan actually likes him for who he is, pays attention to him, wants to listen and be involved with his life. He says he does think that he's in love with her but he's never really felt love or told anyone he loved them.

Devan is a very shy and quiet person and when Todrick asked him if he would ever go up to a girl and start talking to them, Devan says he'd be the shier one who wishes he could talk to the girl.

he says the internet made it easier for him to be himself and talk to someone. He showed them some photos of Rylan and they look like regular photos.

He tells Schulman and Todrick that Rylan comes from a broken home because her mother and father are divorced and she lives with her mother and step-father. From what Rylan told Devan, her mother belittles her and he was the one to help her when she called him crying. He genuinely wants to provide a safe haven for her from all of her problems. Things get pretty interesting when he tells the guys that he went to go meet her once at her aunt and uncle's house.

When he asked her uncle if she was there the man told him no one by that name lives at the residence. Rylan played it off by saying her uncle didn't know who Devan was so he lied to him.

Devan was a bit depressed after that didn't work out but still sent Rylan gas money when she was in need of it.

Schulman says there should be no excuse for someone in today's society for not being able to contact him via Skype or Facetime. Schulman says there are places like Starbucks where she could get free Wi-Fi access, just to put things into perspective.

Devan remains hopeful that the girl in the photo is who she says she is.

The guys gather all of the information and set out to do some digging. Todrick says he can tell Devan would treat Rylan right but Schulman has his doubts about Rylan.

They set up shop and rehash what the already know. Devan is totally in love and they want help him out. Joseph calls in and tells Todrick to call Schulman out whne he's in a bad mood. They search Rylan Collins but there are no female results.

They search the phone number and find a Cassie or Cassandra from Georgetown, TX. The actually find a police report where an 18-year-old had police on a car chase and also committed credit card scams. When they search the photos they find a Savannah with a Facebook page. Savannah might be engaged because she has a ring on her finger.

Savannah also lives in TX and they think she might actually know Rylan.

The next day the guys check their Facebook but they did not receive a message from Savannah. They did another search and found Savannah on Instagram. They sent her another message through GM. They find out that Savannah lives in Marble Falls and they notice that the addresses match for Savannah's house which is geo-tagged from Instagram.

Either Savannah is cheating on her boyfriend or she's helping Rylan hide something from Devan. The guys meet up with Devan and unload all of the information.

They show him the mugshot and Devan actually knows that she was arrested and says Rylan told him everything was cleared up.

When they show Devan the Facebook account, he's, in his words, astounded. They tell Devan that Savannah could have been using a fake profile to have a relationship when she's going through something with her fiance.

Things get stranger when they told him that Savannah's geo-tags match the house. Devan isn't sure he wants to meet whoever it is that's been playing with his emotions. He decides he needs to know and would like to know. Schulman calls up Rylan and gives her a little rundown on the current situation. He asks her if she would be interested in meeting up with them and she says she's not sure.

She says there is something that she didn't tell him but it's hard. She decides that she's ready to tell Devan and the guys immediately pack for a flight to Austin.

The big day comes and before they meet up with Devan they found a message from Savannah. They call her and she sounds a lot different and agrees to participate in a Skype conversation.

Devan comes down and the guys bring him in for the Skype call. Savannah says she doesn't recognize Devan nor has she ever spoken to him before. Devan is really hurt after hearing that and Savannah admits that her neighbor knocked on her door.

She told Savannah that a Michele, who she's friends with on Facebook, is using her photos to talk to someone. Savannah gives them some pretty important information when a text from Rylan comes in.

Rylan gives them an address and they don't waste any time going over to the house. They pull up and you could sense the anticipation all around.

Schulman volunteers to knock on the door and while he does, Todrick notices someone looking outside the window. They show Schulman who receives a call from Rylan and it seems as if she might be having second thoughts.

She tells Schulman that she would like to meet with him first before meeting everyone else.

It's pretty creepy because she just invites Schulman into the house. Schulman walks into the house and you can hear the worry in Todrick's voice.

Right away you can tell that she looks completely different and she's incredibly nervous. Schulman is able to calm her down a bit and Todrick finally meets Michele. She says she had a random connection to Savannah but her former best friend is Savannah's neighbor. Michele works as a prison and when Devan drove up to meet her she was actually in the house and her uncle really knew nothing about Devan.

Devan says that he's incredibly upset and he thought he was talking to someone else. Todrick weighs in by telling Michele that what she did wasn't right.

Michele breaks down and says that she had a lot of problems in her life and Devan was always there. Schulman tells Michele that Devan needs a bit of time before they can meet up again and discuss what happened.

Devan doesn't think what happened to him is okay and is very disappointed. He doesn't think he will continue to talk to her and says he doesn't feel the same way anymore. They meet with Todrick the next day and he says he wants to know how long it would have taken Michele to tell him. Todrick playfully warns Michele not to leave them locked out again.

During the meeting Michele tells Todrick that she might have never told him the truth if it wasn't for "Catfish." Michele says she doesn't know her dad much and he has over 30 kids. She doesn't have a great family life and was looking for love elsewhere.

She didn't want to lose Devan and said she always wanted to be white instead of being mixed.

Todrick tells Michele she needs to embrace herself. She wrote Devan a very lovely letter and while he doesn't want to be with her romantically, he says he'd still like to be in her life.

In an update Devan says that he and Michele texted a few times but they don't talk like they use to. Michele looks to be doing much better and she feels better now that there isn't the secret hnaging out there.

Both Devan and Michele are doing their own thing and she actually thanks the guys for their help.

The surprises never seem to end on "Catfish." Once again the dangers of online dating continue to plague many who still can't seem to avoid being catfished.

While Joseph is still away it doesn't stop Schulman from being the ultimate detective, this time he was assisted by Todrick Hall who did pretty well in his "Catfish" appearance.

You can catch more of MTV's "Catfish" Wednesday's at 10 PM EST.