Catching Up With Chor Boogie in 2015

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The last time we caught up with master artist Chor Boogie was back in October. He had just come off of the Heineken Mural Project and the release of a show about the government shutdown.

His works have been flooding our Facebook feed recently so it seemed like a logical time to catch up with him and see what he has been up to. We asked him some questions by email.

What's your favorite project so far in 2015?
My favorite projects are the ones that i can't mention right now ...

but the ones that have happened creating the ambiance for the San Diego Museum of Art for an event called bloom bash ...was amazing

What's it like to have your graffiti get integrated with an app? (Graphiti App)
Well, I still don't consider my art work graffiti ...

but when it comes to that term i believe there are certain elements of the culture that fit that term ..

Any notable big mural projects ahead?
One coming up in Switzerland ... huge and a few more in the states including Art Basel ..

We saw that you recently worked with the San Diego Museum of Art?
Yes, like I said that was amazing ..creating the ambiance for this event and showing my work at the museum.

I was the featured artist for the show and
everyone loved it.

What's on the horizon for you?
Big Business... Modern Hieroglyphics is taking a turn in direction ..which is a team of individuals that oversee many different business entities with in the Modern Hieroglyphics family ...@boogiebirdgang is apart of that so stay tuned for toys and products as well... getting into a line of fashion...

and of course more creating ... sculptures have been on the horizon, and I will soon release the recent piece.

I know it will be A GAME CHANGER....also art direction is not more or less changing but evolving into something new for me ... so stay tuned for that.

Chor Boogie brings us joy almost everyday on Facebook, so make sure you make it a part of your social feed.