Casey Neistat's Return VLOG Gains Nearly 3 Million Views In One Day

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On of the biggest YouTuber's who ruled the art of the VLOG, has returned after a little time away from it.

It's only been almost one day since the return of the Casey Neistat VLOG video was posted and it has already amassed a total of 2.8 million views and counting.

For the first couple of minutes fans get to see Casey Neistat traveling to Miami for his birthday, before he dives into explaining why he stopped the VLOGs with a beautiful beach in the background.

"What I explained when I ended the VLOG was that it had gotten easy," said Neistat.

"What I meant by that is the creative challenge, which is what I loved the most had kind of faded.

I spent a couple of months thinking about sort of what that meant to me and I landed at a couple of places."

Neistat continued to say that before, he never saw an actual end to the VLOG and it felt like this thing he was doing. He compared it to treading in water, rather than swimming to a destination.

He said it started being about his company and what he was doing so that others would learn about it and maybe use his product. When the company struggled, it became more of a routine, said Neistat.

Now that he has figured out what he is going to be doing with CNN, he revealed that the company will be much more like a lab.

He realized that the only way he can share the experience, is to start the VLOG now that he has a purpose to do that again.

You can check out the full video and learn more about how Neistat's VLOG will progress in the video below.

The Return of The Casey Neistat VLOG