Calvin Harris 'Motion' Review: Hot EDM Anthems Galore!

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Scottish DJ Calvin Harris dropped his newest album, Tuesday November 4, to a rave of anticipation in the US. 'Motion' is Harris' fourth studio album, filled with EDM antics and pounding House beats, and including a starring cast of collaborators like Ellie Goulding, Gwen Stefani and John Newman.

Beating out the legendary Michael Jackson, Harris currently holds the record for having the most Top 10 hits on a UK singles chart from one album. Could 'Motion' keep him as the honorary breadwinner? We think so.

The most noticeable singles off the album are SUMMER and BLAME. SUMMER kicked off the anticipation for this album, released earlier this year just as the sun started warming up, and it quickly became 2014's fair weather soundtrack. It continues to be a ray of f***ing sunshine on 'Motion', picking up the linear vibe of the album with its recognizable comfort-zone kicks.

BLAME debuted at number one of the UK Singles Chart, and swept through the charts in Europe, becoming Harris' seventh overall single.

On 'Motion', it claims the number three spot in the line-up, highlighting famed British singer John Newman and his melodic, soulful sound.

'Motion' highlights nine tracks featuring pop starlets and kickass musicians. The best of the bunch has got to be the reuniting of dynamic duo of Ellie Goulding and Harris, who paired up once again to pump out the hit, OUTSIDE. The hook is a swinging beat spun with a violinist's orchestral grace, repetitively complementing Goulding's sweet and sultry vocals.

Like 'I Need Your Love', Goulding controls the melody with her prowess as a songstress, and Harris follows in due time with an addictive and catchy cadence, which not only gets the party started, but has the capacity to tell a moving story.

However, TOGETHER, featuring Gwen Stefani, can give Goulding a run for her money. Stefani's gorgeous voice weaves seamlessly between Harris' spins for an upbeat, feel-good track featuring one of the most iconic voices in pop culture.

Four other tracks are bedazzled with with guest DJs, and claim prime spots.

BURNIN with R3HAB has got to be the most thrilling and heart-pumping of the DJ pairings, pushing a fierce dubstep-inspired pace.

IT WAS YOU--featuring Firebeatz--is reminiscent of your early morning rave, and suggests this musical pairing has promise for more possibilities.

While these tunes aren't necessarily anything special, they're your typical EDM head-pounder that just makes you want to jump around in a glow-stick adorned crowd in total ecstasy, and no foot-stomping, beat-dropping fan can complain about that.

Overall, Harris' 'Motion' is a satisfying listen coming off of the electro-legend's '18 Months'.

It is fully stocked with incredible dance beats and a wild good time, and reminds listeners why Harris is at the top for hits off an album. The DJ knows how to put a sick drop together.