Brother vs. Brother Season 2 Premiere Highs and Lows

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If you're at all like me, Brother vs. Brother is something you've been looking forward to ever since you saw Drew and Jonathan get together to confuse and wow their customers on Property Brothers.

Maybe you thought the concept was a little cheesy what with the very specific uses of hair and wardrobe to distinguish between two otherwise-identical twins, but you enjoyed the way they hated half their homeowners and smiled through their tears at the demands of the others.

And Brother versus Brother was bound to bring even more of that.

As a bonus, now that they've loosened up on Jonathan - he still has to always wear some form of plaid, but the is allowed to wear business-looking plaid, and thank goodness his hair is waaay less blond and much better - the Eye Candy rating on the show has skyrocketed, according to an informal poll I took of me, myself, and I in the office this morning.

Highlights of this episode included: Drea sprinting out of the kitchen to go be ill in the bathroom of the house slated for renovation, a Drew Team member named "Six", and Melissa fucking up the fireplace beyond repair.

On the Jonathan side of things, there was of course when Adi, by far the cutest contestant, having to deliver the news of asbestos flooring to Jonathan and looking like a six-year-old who has been excessively shamed when Jonathan delivers a mildly stern scolding.

And let's not forget the my-penis-is-bigger-than-yours moment between Drew and Melissa.

(Drew, we all know yours is bigger. Probably.)

In the end (Spoiler alert!) Jonathan's team won for a pretty simple reason: they worked together instead of against each other. Drew's team wasted too much time fighting within itself and over-supervising each other to create an overarching vision.

My prediction for the rest of the season: the team that is best at teamwork will win, every time. Except once or twice, just to surprise me. I love it when they do that.