Brother vs. Brother Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: The Invasion of Tarek and Christina

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Tonight's episode starts with a challenge: what would the brothers do? Teams were forced to choose 3 things the Brothers would fix in the 1939 bungalow set for renovation, and Team Jonathan once gain smashed Team Drew, getting $2,000 from Team Drew's budget and getting to choose the house they wanted.

Team Jonathan celebrated with a Brother-led group hug. Honestly, it was pretty adorable.

You can tell that Jonathan really likes his team. Not so sure about Drew (though if I had his team, I'm not sure I'd lead any group hugs, either).

Highlights from this episode include...

Team Drew:
Melissa, who is proving to the The Character on Team Drew, saying "I'll take on the budget. I'll be honest, I'm not so much into numbers" and sending me and my fellow tv watchers into spasms of laughter.

Great choice, Team Drew. This will go well. She, of course, ends up blowing the budget within 24 hours, due to plumbing and electrical costs, and Drew gets pissed (as does everyone else).

Thomas saying, "I'm going to attack this kitchen like a bear." He also attacks negotiating like a bear, saving Team Drew a ton of money.

He also decides to re-use the existing refrigerator, which sticks out like a mother from the new, gorgeous Shaker-style cabinets.

Team Jonathan:
Peggy decided to take on the fireplace, which was an interesting choice considering her lack of construction experience. Not great, but interesting.

Jonathan getting incredibly frustrated with Joe who works way too slow for Jonathan's tastes.

Team Drew and Jonathan:
The Brothers pulled a Parent Trap, switching clothes and wearing hats and smack-talking the other teams' houses. Adi (Team Jonathan) and Melissa (Team Drew) were the only ones to see through the switcheroo.

Our guest judges this episode were Tarek and Christina El Moussa (I finally learned their last name, holy mother of God) from Flip or Flop. Everyone who knows me know I hate Flip or Flop and yet can't stop watching it so I can hate on Tarek and Christina's choices.

It's so damn addictive.

Christina's favorite saying, "That looks really expensive" came up when faced with Adi's $11 herringbone-patterned backsplash, and I completely agreed.

She and Tarek found loads of things to point out in the homes that were problems, but AT LEAST THEY DIDN'T COVER THE WHOLE HOUSE IN LAMINATE, TAREK AND CHRISTINA.


In the end we saw Team Drew win, beating out Team Jonathan by $1,000.

Unsurprisingly, Joe ended up going home because he "dreamed big," according to Jonathan, but wasn't able to follow through on his work.

Throughout the episode Jonathan was frustrated with Joe's speed, or lack thereof, and kept wondering why Joe didn't just "work faster." I couldn't blame him, but I did think that sending Peggy home would have been a better choice.

Joe would have learned from that mistake and worked faster, whereas Peggy cannot learn the constructions skills necessary to remodel houses over the next few days.

My Prediction: I would be surprised if Adi doesn't win this season of Brother vs Brother. If he keeps up his fiscal smarts and his good work, he won't have a problem taking this $50,000 home.