Brother vs Brother Recap: 1950s Colonials

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This episode saw Teams Drew and Jonathan focus their efforts on a pair of 1950's colonial-style houses, and Team Jonathan lose Rick to Team Drew after the initial mini-challenge.

Rick is definitely worried about fitting in on his new team, and so volunteers to take on the budget. Smart move; makes him invaluable on a team of bull-headed individuals.

Both teams were given $30,000 and 3 days to complete the renovation that would add the most value to the home, while being restricted to the second floor in each house.

This is an interesting choice as it means the kitchen is off limits, a room guaranteed to improve the value of the house with strategic updating.

On Team Jonathan, Adi has taken the bathroom, Stayce the guest bedroom, and Peggy the master bedroom. As soon as they get started, drama erupts.

Adi cuts himself taking up the carpet in the bathroom, so Jonathan pitchs in and he and the gals take up the slack in the bathroom as Adi heads to the hospital.

When Adi comes back, his team is pretty behind considering they lost their two best construction people that day.

Over on Team Drew, Melissa is going clean and modern in the bathroom, and Eric has decided to go a different way. Considering Drew's love for modernity in houses, this is an unusual choice.

"It's a throwback to Hollywood glam," says Eric. "It might not be Drew's style, but it's not going to be traditional in any way."

I don't see this going terribly well for him. Drew really likes it when people agree with him, whether they actually do or not.

Day Two starts with Adi feeling the pressure of lost time, Stayce going a little overboard on detail and Peggy behind on construction, as usual. Jonathan is very concerned about the timeline, and Team Drew is a bit further along.

Rick is nervous about making things flow through his new team's house, and I don't see this working out very well for him.

If he focuses on working as a team, he's going to lose essential time on his part of the project.

Drew heads over to Team Jonathan's house to spy on them with Eric.

The house looks terrible, but it might make Team Drew overconfident and stumble.

When Jonathan and Stayce head over to Team Drew's house, they get some of their confidence back since Melissa hasn't even finished the demo stage of construction, with a day and a half to go on the project.

Moving in to Day Three and Drew is unhappy with Eric's shoe molding, which has really upset Eric. "I put shoe molding on every job," he says, looking frustrated and a little sweaty. I getcha, dude. I really do.

Jonathan has brought his team coffee in hopes that they will show him an almost-completed house, with only 8 hours left in the challenge.

Unfortunately, they didn't get the memo, and all three are very, very behind. They end the day with the gals helping Adi tile the bathroom as he chants, "I still believe in myself." Everything okay, there, buddy?

He appears to have not finished the top of the shower, and it looks really bad for Team Jonathan.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa from Flip or Flop are back to decide which team won, and they have their judging faces on. Stayce was not able to finish putting in the baseboards, or to get closet doors cut to fit.

She gets serious props for her built-ins, and Peggy's room is a real hit. Adi's bathroom is the problem, having not been finished. Jonathan's excuse that Adi was in the hospital really doesn't fly with them.

Drew's house appears to be a real hit, with everything actually finished.

Even if his house is a little blah, Christina and Tarek appear more interested in it, despite Eric's shoe molding (which, yes, comes up again, to Drew's chagrin. Drew does not hesitate to throw Eric under the bus).

At the final judging, Jonathan starts by dealing a harsh blow to Team Drew, informing them the material and design choices were much better on Team Jonathan.

Team Jonathan doesn't get off scott-free, however, as they didn't complete a number of their projects.

Melissa's bathroom awas too safe, and Rick's guest bedroom was boring. Eric's shoe molding is thrown in his face again, and he puts on his best smile and battles through it. The team is given a guestimated increase of $39,000.

Team Jonathan's flaws have already been aptly discussed. Tarek and Christina give Peggy, Adi, and Stayce an increase of $32,500, giving Team Drew the win, and making Jonathan choose between the three.

Stayce was sent home, and for once I agree with the decision. She did not complete her work, and has not made a lot of progress as a designer over the past three episodes.

Drew and Jonathan have their touchy-feely moment about Jonathan needing to send Stayce home. Jonathan looks a little ill, to be honest.

I get the feeling that neither he nor Drew enjoy making hard-and-fast decisions such as these, especially when they get teary.

Who's ready for next week's episode to drop already?