Is Bobby Shmurda Still The 'Hot Boy?' Hilarious Vine of Taylor Swift 'Shmoney Dance'

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Bobby Shmurda may be number two on the Billboard Emerging Artists Charts but last night after the 2014 MTV VMA's a hilarious Vine of Taylor Swift doing the "Shmoney" dance was made.

Shmurda is the creator of the "Shmoney" dance and a ton of Vines have been created since then showing all sorts of fan mock ups of the dance.

Shmurda did say in various interviews as well as across his social media accounts that he loves to see the fans enjoying his music and doing the dance.

Today he retweeted one hilarious Vine as it shows Swift dancing to a performance, however, instead of the original music from the show, the fan inserted a clip from Shmurda's "Hot Nigga."

Shmurda made an announcement saying the official remix of the song would be coming soon but there has yet to be a release. Seeing as he only sits at no.

2 on the charts behind P. Reign's "DnF" and hasn't fallen much, it is safe to say that he still holds his "Hot Boy" status as the song goes on the clean radio edit.

Check out the Vine below.