Bob Saget Channels Rapper DMX

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The ever pervasive comedian, Bob Saget, has channeled an unlikely source for inspiration.

Now Bob Saget has come a long way since his squeaky clean 90's image when we was talking crazy on America's Funniest Videos, or teaching DJ Tanner some life lessons on Full House.

These days, he is doing stand-up and pretty much nothing is off-limits. One thing we love about Bob is his Twitter feed, which is packed with hilarity.

Recently Bob posted something that seems a bit strange given who he is.

But no matter, the comedian and actor posted a verse straight from the DMX song 'Party Up'. The interesting thing about this is that the verse applies to what he is doing in stand-up:

So it all kind of makes sense. 'Party Up" came out in 1999, the decade in which Bob was most prolific.

And since the song and verse really connect to stand-up, Bob is right to use it to get hype.

Whether he actually does use late 90's rap to get hype it is something of a mystery, but we like to picture him in the clubs' bathroom with Beats headphones on getting amped up. In a perfect world of course.