Bill Simmons Lets Others Do His Twitter Talking On The NFL

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When ESPN suspended Bill Simmons for attacking NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on his podcast, the company made it clear it didn't want the outspoken personality to take on its cash cow.

So, when Simmons returned from his three-week ban, he has been silent on the topic, but Friday, he shared a quote from an ESPN article that supports his original point.

Simmons is stuck with ESPN at least until his contract expires in another year, which puts him in an awkward position.

The public knows Goodell is less than forthcoming (and probably lying) and ESPN knows it too (as evidenced by this news article) but Simmons has to tread lightly or he risks being sidelined again.

In addition to appearing on various ESPN programs, Simmons created and edited the popular website. He also serves as one of the executive producers on the"30 for 30" documentary series.