Bill Cosby might not be slowing down but he has definitely lost control

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Bill Cosby had one too many Jello Pudding Pops before his latest "Tonight Show" appearance.

Monday, Cosby appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and seemed to be more than a bit out of it.

He began his time on the show with an incoherent tirade which left the entire audience grasping at thin air when trying to understand the 77 year old comedian.

Fortunately Fallon was able to restore order and get the interview back on track.

"We're here! We're here, on the Fallon show, and we're waiting for the gas pedal and the clutch and the break," Cosby stated enthusiastically.

Fallon then responded with, "Yes! We are driving as fast as we possibly can."

Cosby continues, "NO! because too many people have hit the deer, and the deer always win. But the ones I don't understand, I don't understand the intelligence of a moth."

We're just as confused as you, and if we're being honest, Cosby didn't look like he knew what he meant either.

Cosby then confronted Fallon about imitating him and went off on another tangent. Fortunately, Fallon handled the mishap miraculously by taking the opportunity to do his Bill Cosby imitation at the same time.

See the whole clip here: