Best Meghan Trainor 'Lips Are Movin' Covers On YouTube: Brainna Leah, Cimorelli & More

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One of the break-out acts of 2014 was Meghan Trainor and her hit song "All About That Bass" but now she is climbing up the charts with "Lips Are Movin." With the new hit comes a few awesome covers of it on YouTube.

In a playful and fun video, young Brianna Leah gives a pretty awesome cover of "Lips Are Movin." The song itself is full of strong vocal variations and Leah went toe for toe with each of them. It's hard to keep track off all of the outfits that were switched up in the fun music video but Leah's conviction to the lyrics and enthusiasm to perform it is really fun.

There are plenty of young acts all over YouTube but Leah seems to standout among the crowd.

Meghan Trainor "Lips Are Movin" Cover By Brainna Leah

The Cimorelli band does a bang up job when it comes to covers and their rendition of "Lips Are Movin" is no exception.

These sisters have some serious power when it comes to harmonizing and they displayed all of it in a music video of their own as well.

They too tapped into the playful nature of the song and their voices seemed to bring out the very best in "Lips Are Movin." The group currently has a "Renegade" EP out on iTunes, so if their cover turned you into a fan you don't have to rely solely on the "Lips Are Movin" cover.

Meghan Trainor "Lips Are Movin" Cover By Cimorelli

One of the best "Lips Are Movin" covers comes from Alexi Blue. Armed with her guitar are stellar vocals, Blue gives fans a sped up acoustic version of the Billboard hit.

Her vocals are refreshing and even contain a little country twang as well.

Listeners can appreciate an authentic acoustic version of a hit such as "Lips Are Moving" and Blue does it better than many. Her incredible talent shines on the cover and it's definitely one of the top covers on YouTube.

Meghan Trainor "Lips Ain't Movin" Cover By Alexi Blue

Another completely refreshing and authentic acoustic version of "Lips Are Movin" comes from Ana Free. The delicate acoustic guitar mixed with some well controlled vocals makes for a beautiful cover.

Free really showed off her singing ability on this cover moving from soft to powerful vocals.

Meghan Trainor "Lips Are Movin" Cover By Ana Free

One of the most popular YouTube talents Alex G put her own spin on "Lips Are Movin" and its pretty spectacular. Her vocal ability is what allowed her to amass 1.34 million followers on YouTube and her playful music video for "Lips Are Movin" is an added plus for viewers.

Listeners will be impressed by her charisma and they way she reworked the song to put a little Alex G twist on it.

G has a self titled album available now and if it's anything like her cover fans can expect something pretty special.

Meghan Trainor "Lips Are Movin" Cover By Alex G