Best Calvin Harris 'On The Outside' Ft. Ellie Goulding Covers On YouTube

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The electronic dance music movement has been a pivotal contributor to the new age of music.

With the increase in EDM music comes DJ's like Calvin Harris and his song "On The Outside," featuring Ellie Goulding that is so infectious people can't help but want to cover it.

The first cover of "On The Outside" comes from Ali Brustofski.

The cover is simple and features the same arrangement as the original.

Brustofski's voice differs from Goulding's distinct and completely original voice but it doesn't seem to matter as she still delivers a beautiful cover filled with a wide range of her vocals.

Calvin Harris "On The Outside" Cover By Ali Brustofski

Luke Conard and Alyssa Poppin gave an excellent cover of "On The Outside" fusing the EDM sound and a fast pace acoustic strumming reminiscent of a Mumford and Sons song.

Poppin's voice is tad bit similar to Goulding and Conard brings his powerful voice to the song.

The music video is simple as the two perform the cover guitars in hand and showing lots of emotion as they get into the song.

Calvin Harris "On The Outside" Cover By Luke Conard & Alyssa Poppin

Much like the Taylor Swift "Blank Space" rock cover, a band by the name of Living In Fiction created their rock version of "On The Outside."The hardcore, edgier version of the song transforms it into something very unexpected. The band manages to create an arrangement that works perfectly for the song.

The powerful breakdowns have the guitars mimicking the sound of the strings used in the original pretty well to add a little familiarity to the cover.

Calvin Harris "On The Outside" Cover By Living In Fiction

Last and certainly not least is Kirsty Lowless' cover of "On The Outside." Certain songs lend themselves to being a perfect candidate for an acoustic cover and "On The Outside" is one of those. Lowless has a voice that is pretty close to Goulding's but it's not about getting the voice dead on, it's about producing a great cover all on your own and she succeeded in that.

The acoustic cover is refreshing and sounds clean through the ears.

Calvin Harris "On The Outside" Cover By Kirsty Lowless